Luxury Kitchen Appliance

Top 5 Reasonable Luxury Kitchen Appliance Brand Names

Years ago, you need to spend huge bucks to have that innovative feature. Now, most appliances created an introduction cooking product with a warming drawer, and every oven has self- cleaning and convection. Like with the many other kinds of commodities, appliance technology is now consistently changing and improving.

Technological integration, attractive aesthetics and maximizing versatility have been a prominent topic over the past years in the sector of affordable luxury. For many families now, the decision on making purchasing the new kitchen is really an enormous one. It needs mutual time and financial commitment. Luckily, there are affordable luxury brands now that produces compelling products with slice edge features at the most reasonable prices. The good news now is that, you don’t need to break your budget just to own both functional and attractive appliances. The inexpensive luxury appliance market now is spanning the gap between the ultra professional-style and high-end products and the basic 4-piece kitchen package. What once was at their high price can now be enjoyed at a lower price and in full appliance package. Here are the top 5 best affordable at reasonable price, luxury brands for families that want functional and good looking appliances.

Frigidaire Professional

Frigidaire is one of the well-known brands in the US market. Now, it is possessed by a major Swedish appliance producer, the Electrolux Corporation. Frigidaire creates three levels of their product: Frigidaire, Frigidaire Professional and Frigidaire Gallery. Although Electrolux and the Frigidaire Professional offer the same levels of product from the features perspective, normally Frigidaire Professional came in a more affordable price package. The Frigidaire Professional has been famous. It is so pleasing with smudge proof stainless steel, clean lines, and some industrial flair. Their gas ranges have the largest middle griddle burner; there is temperature query, and it rocks for an affordable price.


KitchenAid is also one of the recognized appliance brand names now. It is owned by Whirlpool Corporation together with the brands Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, Amana and Maytag. Two years ago, the KitchenAid went through some major aesthetic development and an industrial look. KitchenAid had been on the go-to mid-name with different products across the entry level to the built-in products. Although the name is popular with refrigerator and dishwasher, they are now making a full line with cooking products.

Bosch Benchmark

Nowadays, Bosch is believed to be one of the top-end luxury affordable brands in the market. These were part of a BSH Corporation together with Gaggenau and Thermador. Formerly, Bosch products extend the value ranges, now, Bosch offers goods that are equal to the other inexpensive luxury brands on the list, and may sometimes contest with the other high-end Miele, Thermador and Wolf packages.

Bosch Benchmark Luxury Kitchen Appliance


Samsung now makes it on this list, and remarkably enough to be in the top place. Samsung is a massive company in South Korean and well known for manufacturing televisions and electronics. Their claim to the legend was initially rooted in affordable and attractive laundry and refrigeration. Now, Samsung is famous for incorporating technology, product innovation and attractive designs. Recently, Samsung acquired the high-end name, Dacor, and it is interesting to see what Samsung can do with this industry’s high-end segment.


Since 2008, the Jenn-Air goes on being the high-end brand Whirlpool family. The products of Jenn-Air span from the front control ranges to pro gas ranges and microwaves and fixed refrigeration. Jenn-Air is just one brand to give Cooktops and downdraft ranges. This is one of the primary affordable luxury brands to embrace a system menu-driven cooking in the wall ovens. Jenn-Air is well known for their built-in refrigerators, obsidian refrigerator interior and selected freestanding models.



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