top benefits of cucumber

The top 4 benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is very famous and one of the first ever cultivated crops in the subcontinent of India. This light to dark green tint, moisture-rich flesh having thin skin with tiny seeds inside is best enjoyed in sandwiches, salads, or juice. It has high water substance that aids the body hydrated, with low calorie content that makes it the best choice for losing weight. Here are the top 4 main benefits that cucumbers can give to our health and body.

Eye Benefits

The eye puffiness can also be given instant relief by cucumbers and some slices in the eyes may reduce the growth of dark circles. It has a natural moisturizer that may hydrate the skin around. It is good in reducing wrinkles near the eyes that is why is named as the “eye moisturizer”. Cold cucumber around the eyes aids in taking out of eyes, excess water and reduces the eyes swelling. Lastly, cucumber is the best in toning down eye bags.

Hair Benefits

When you juice cucumber, you can use it as a hair rinse to attain and have that shiny and silky hair. While drinking cucumber juice can help in controlling hair fall.

Health Benefits

There are so many benefits a cucumber can give to our health. The daily consumption of cucumbers is a very effective laxative in detoxifying. It is a big help in our digestive problems such as heartburn, gastritis, acidity, and ulcers. It can prevent indigestion and help in regulating blood pressure levels at the optimum in your body too.

There is this latest research where in the major health problems like diabetes, different types of cancer, and a cognitive disability such as Alzheimer’s disease may be treated by cucumber and it is considered an effective remedy in fighting these diseases. Cucumber has the copper minerals that assist in making the neurotransmitters that are important for proper interaction of our brain.

Cucumber is also considered a natural cure to eradicate tapeworm in the intestinal tracts and good with arising problems in your urinary system. The fresh cucumber extracts are the best in decreasing unwanted inflammation. It is also best in combating bad breath, hangover and headache while there are beliefs that it can strengthen bones as well. Women love cucumber that much because it helps them in losing weight since the pulp and the seeds has a lower calorie count, replete with fiber and vitamins and high water content.

Skin Benefits

The most important and the greatest skin benefit of cucumber is the ability to improve the skin. It has properties that can rejuvenate and revitalize skin. The grated cucumber can treat blemishes and freckles. It is also a mild astringent that will assist your skin tone and it is also an instant relief in healing sunburn.

Cucumber may heat bumps on the legs and drives out cellulite from your thighs and it can also treat open pores.

Other Benefits

People are not aware of the other benefits of cucumber. Those tarnish and stubborn stains coming from the countertops, stainless steel tools, and from the walls of your houses can be removed by polishing some slices of cucumber to the affected area and it will bring back the lost shine as well.

Cucumber is also good at getting rid of some pests, because there is a natural chemical substance in the cucumber that releases an aroma that wards insects and pests.


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