Who are the top 10 Famous Female Actress in the World?

The world of the movie industry almost has all of the beautiful faces, alluring body of gorgeous female celebrities. It is somewhat interesting to see our favorite person whom we adore in some of their little ways. Here are the compiled faces of some of the considered gorgeous and stunning celebrities who have that inspiring smile that really catches us. In some way or another, the lists can be mixed depending on the criteria being focused, but still, it is only they who will run in the circle. Let’s discover who they are:

Eva Mendes

This gorgeous and beautiful lady still looks young in her early 40’s. She is an actress, model, and a fashion designer. She has that beautiful acting talent that will surely hook you. In 1988, she started her career in the movie industry and has been aired on numerous TV Commercials that became the starting point of her fame. While in 2011, she married Ryan Gosling and has a child.

eva mendes


Charlize Theron

This dazzling lady is from South Africa from the province of Transvaal, Benoni. She featured only four movies in the year 2000 and from there it all begins her career as a producer, fashion model and an actress. Her successful career story is just quite simple, but really amazing. The directors started placing her back when she had love affairs with directors.

charlize theron



She is Ripoll, Shakira Isabel Mebarak who is Spanish by birth. She is an astonishing song writer, singer and dancer and that makes everybody adores her because of her belly dancing. She recorded her top number “This Time for Africa” for The FIFA World Cup of 2010 and everyone knows about it. She is the much motivated celebrity with the lead single “Whenever” that became the best selling album in 2002, while “Hips Don’t Lie” was her top selling album song.


Kim Kardashian

She is considered the top Googled female celebrity in the search engine. She is a socialite, actress, model, reality show star and an entrepreneur. She became popular with her infamous sex tape together with boyfriend Jay Ray, but now she is wedded to Kanye West, the best rap singer in America. She has two children now. She takes 2000$ just to share one tweet with a brand and at the moment she has 40 million Instagram followers, isn’t she really famous?

kim kardashian


She is an International R&B artist from the city of Barbados. She had a contract with the records of Def Jam at the age of 16 and published her initial album in 2005 and it flogged more than 2 million copies globally. She and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown were very much in love with each other but had to split up with Brown in 2007 because of domestic violence. She also won many awards like the Grammys and Billboard and MTV Video Music Awards.


Jessica Alba

At a very young age of 13, she begins acting and since then she has started winning the hearts of people. She has that dusky beauty, but everyone has loved her charming personality. Jessica Marie Alba is a model, businesswoman and an American actress who belonged to the actresses of love at first sight appeal. She also won many awards for her acting in movies and lead roles on television.

jessica alba

Miley Cyrus

She was the little Hannah Montana and now grown up into a fine and striking female celebrity. She was the “Wrecking Ball” singer and at the age of 16 she was so famous that people would desire to be on her feet. When she grows-up to a remarkable pretty lady, she wants to replace that cutie little angel image of Hannah Montana, so she has begun taking risky steps and appeared nude in a number of times.

miley cyrus

Scarlett Johansson

This American beauty inspired almost everyone with her remarkable role in the films Hitchcock and The Avengers, The Nanny Diaries, and many more.  She has a blood from her Danish granddad who worked as a screenwriter and director, and her mother was motivated as a producer. She always takes the spark in films that makes her one of the famous female actresses of her time and her looks is always attractive and flawless.

scarlett johansson

Taylor Swift

She is the songwriter and the amazing “Bad Blood” singer from Pennsylvania. She has an extra added talent and a stunning voice. She became popular for has dated most of the Hollywood celebrities, then breaking them up and after that writing too emotional song that will surely win many awards like the Grammys. This is Taylor Swift and presently she is into a date with Calvin Harris. She is mostly famous for winning more than a solo wards with her initial album.

taylor swift

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie ranked number one and won the name for this line. She is the most favored, greatest, most adorable and beautiful actress up to the present. She is the entire package a very popular actress and considered the most gorgeous human being, being the US Refugee Ambassador. She is also a producer and a movie director. She featured in the documentary Gia on HBO and received an Academy Award for her best supporting role for the movie “Girl Interrupted”. She has transpired to be one of the top spectator names in Hollywood’s. She pictured in many unforgettable movies like Salt, Wanted, Changeling and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She also directed the movie “Land of Blood & Honey, and was bond here by actor and former husband, Brad Pitt.

angelina jolie


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