What are the 12 millennium movies where the actors are actually doing it?

Ever since the year 1960, un-simulated and real sex scenes were banned by the Motion Picture and Production Code and the U.S. law. Although you will think that those sex scenes in some movies were re-simulated, but there are times where the actors are actually doing real sex. There are words used by movie experts about the difference between porn movies and movies with definite sexual content. They are differentiating movies with stories and sex is another side thing with those films that are pure sex. Presented here are the lists of movies that are actually featuring real, un-simulated sex sceneries. All of the visions were taken from the world’s famous and authoritative resources of movie and TV content.


When the title is translated it will mean “The Ghost” or “The Phantasm”, so there is no sound of sex at all. The movie story is regarding a homosexual garbage taker, who lives all alone, but has a quite energetic sexual life. The population of gay loved this film since it presented un-simulated sex scenes and numerous hot looking guys. It won the prize for the best feature film award at the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in New York, as also at the awards of the Entrevues Film Festival.


This film is regarding the story of two strangers who bump with each other in a nameless sex group, and begun having mutual feelings with each other. They have numerous sex scenes here and Mark Rylance, and Kerry Fox make it real. In one interview, Kerry said that she is satisfied with the movie outcome and no regrets of having the actual sex scenes on set.

KEN PARK, 2002

This film is a sensual romantic drama and it goes behind the lives of some teenagers in USA. One of the teenagers has usual sexual contact with the girlfriend’s mom. However, the strange thing is that, he takes a visit with her whole family frequently like none is happening. The sexual scenery in this film is really real.


This film was recalled due to the actual sex scenes, which include the popular Hollywood star. In that exact scene, Chloë Sevigny orally pleased Vincent Gallo, who is her true to life boyfriend. The commotion created in the movie has disturbed their fans. In a Playboy interview Chloë told that there are various emotions she felt in the scene, and that she perhaps needs treatment because of it.

9 SONGS, 2004

This film goes after Lisa’s love story, the US college student, while Matt is the British glaciologist. In between sceneries where you can spot the real footage of concert presentation by the music squads, like the Club of Black Rebel Motorcycle, Franz Ferdinand and The Dandy Warhols, you may witness here actual sexual footage of Matt and Lisa.


This is a Danish movie that was distinguished as a sexual relationship, film because there are so many erotic scenes. The public responded with the masturbation and un-simulated sex scenes of director Jessica Nilsson, but Nilsson told the public that without the sex scenes, the film drama might be lost. The authorized genre of the film was a romance comedy film for women.

Watch All About Anna 2005


The movie is about a group of people in New York who are the common Brooklyn sex salon customers. You can watch many un-simulated sexual scenes here, and that contains numerous ejaculation and penetration of actress’ Sook-Yin Lee that are all real and not fake orgasm.

Little Ashes, 2008

In this movie, actor Robert Pattinson contains a single scene where he himself delighted. According to Pattinson, faking the scene will not actually cut it — so he settles for taking matters into his private hands, literally. He masturbated to complete real life sex scene, and later joke that his hand job will be recorded for eternity.


Although, there are body doubles used during the sex scenes in between Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, but the sex scenes in this movie were actually real. Sorry ladies, but now you discern that the penis of Dafoe is not really that big.


The movie is explained as the escapades of a strange lady who has an odd manner about sexuality and hygiene, all for the get together of separated parents. But, it is not expected to see groups of men, playing on a pizza with them and the scenes are real.

Nymphomaniac, 2014

The movie is directed by Lars Von Trier and it is no surprise that there are actual sex scenes here. Moreover, to take the role, Shia LeBeouf actually sent Von Trier videos of himself and photos of his member having sex with the girlfriend. There are actually two sides to the story of saucy, though. The main actress told that while the sexual scenes were absolutely real, but it was not really her doing it with them, but the adult movie actors, while the faces of actors were an addition in CGI.

LOVE, 2015

The imagination aspect will not be useful in this Gaspar Noé’s movie, because he explained that all things vividly. To become more specific, the film utilizes with some close up to show that Dick to everybody and it is shown even in 3D.

LOVE 2015


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