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The New Five Entertainment Technology Trends

Over the centuries, the entertainment technology has reduced their size in space and time, conserving accomplishments for posterity and permitting them to be viewed far away from the presentation venue. The following inventions of technology assure their spectators that they will deliver an ever more realistic image on screen, to provide shutterbugs and movie makers more elasticity at a lower price. Bring your viewers to places that they never imagined that they would go, and even to adjust the techniques that audiences recognize reality in the actual time. These advancements are already in the making and will transform amusement for consumers.

Augmented Reality (AR)

It is a tech that super enforces computer generated imagery over real world objects. Intel is investing in AR since 2013, but it is now the project of Microsoft’s HoloLens. Google persists in exploring the area. According to one analyst, Apple is also coming up with an AR headset, and has even hired a Microsoft engineer. AR can assist in creating Minecraft on a table than on a screen. It can also help on thinking about an NFL game and distinguishing markers like an initial yellow down the line. AR allows technology companies to extend the amusement encounter beyond a typical ground.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR is a richer visual encounter, giving greater contrast and with more natural, realistic and crisper images, daring highlights, brighter screen and intense colors. The 4K TV may impersonate or you may watch with bigger TV’s to see the changes. The advancement in image can be contrasted to its transfer from a standard description to HD. Dolby and Technicolor was mutually working on HDR program formats, and Sony is the recent to mark on to Dolby’s resolution. Samsung, Vizio and Sharp are including the tech in their sets. In addition, Dolby is rolling out HDR film projectors to bring the picture upgraded to theaters.

Light Field

It is a device that captures the track of photons, while the classic photography can only capture the color and the strength of light. Otoy and Lytro mutually tendered this light-field capture tech. It allows the shutterbug to shoot initially and select focus, aperture and then the other settings can be later. It is important in cutting down the amount of film shoots, instead of having multiple camera helpers to make the different concentration pulls. This camera may encapsulate them all together. Someday, viewers can be able to move around with the true light-field video, and through recorded events going beyond VR.

Real-Time Cloud Rendering

This tech is developing cloud computing, with the infinite power, to make high-resolution imagery in less time. Atomic Fiction’s Conductor was the one in-charge with visual effects and it assists with the chart effects for “The Walk” of Robert Zemeckis. Microsoft is concentrating with videogame uses. Budget control has always reserved independent moviemakers from tendering effects on par with huge studios. Cloud picture can quantify the playing field. Chief studios may cut chart effects costs, once the computation of horsepower becomes useful. This tech can be useful in tendering extreme complex game descriptions on mobile phones that requires on-board computing energy.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is a 3-dimensional environment where the client may experience and can relate through a controller and focus headset. A Rift or PC-centric headset and a mobile phone one Gear VR, is in the making of Facebook-owned Oculus in combination with Samsung. Temporarily, Sony is working on a PlayStation 4 headset. Virtual reality may be the next great thing, particularly in video games. It makes a much deeper environment than enjoying on a 2-dimensional screen.

Listaring Virtual Reality (VR)


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