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Apps for sharing a particular spot with family

If you are always left with your family because of some reasons, there are now ways to follow them wherever they may be. With these new apps that are planned to track or share locations through your mobile, you can now have that priceless peace of mind.
This year 2017, having to check a family member is much simpler than the previous year and perhaps less persistent. We have this new app that can inactively maintain an eye on a family or a friend’s whereabouts, and that is a big relief. You don’t have to worry when somebody forgets to call you because a rapid look with your tracking apps will tell you everything that needs to know. Your contacts have to agree if they wanted to be tracked, so you will just have to relax and take it easy. These apps on the iPhone and Android are safe and with very clear directions on using. But, while reading the selections, remember that this is not an accurate science, GPS signals decides how precise settings can be planned and none of these will operate when the phone is off.


This is planned about the easy notion of a-glance-hunting. Glympse allows you choose who you want your viewers will be and how extended they can hunt you with your GPS location. Although place sharing stops once the period interval is finished, it’s likely to physically stop the program at any period. Glympse is great for the couple who wants to track each other’s location, or friends who are not seen for a long time and will meet in a public place. Glympse also allows you to distribute real-time spots, approximate arrival period, travel pace through social networks, email or text and calendar integration.

Life360 Family Locator

This free app allows each family member to track with each other in real time. One great characteristic of it automatically allows family members to know when somebody is already in a predefined location, like their school or home. You can exclusively choose two spots. The app also contains a full spot history that is good for an outline of the current activity. There is a built-in panic alternative that transmits a crisis-beacon to chosen emails, phone or text the exact place of your GPS match.
While the service and app can be used for free, but a premium edition is sold for $5 a month or $50 per year and this covers the entire family. That pro adaptation comes with infinite check-in places, the ability to trace non-Smartphone users, roadside assistance, and protection contrary to have stolen phones. Life360 gives a 30 day open trial to its finest features.

Life360 Family Locator

Find My Friends

This app will allow a central place for messaging and location sharing. If you are heading out of town for emergency reasons, then this app can help you rapidly broadcast your place. Like the other apps, this one applies to Google Maps, so it’s a simple to understand and discover. Through the lines, the map certainly lists spots like police stations, hospitals, and fire departments. For only $5 a month, the best edition of Find My Friends add up infinite check-in spots, an extended location record, support for non-Smartphone mobiles and roadside help. All consumers are requested to test the 30-day trial for free.


Google+ tenders the capability to share places. The styles are significant to the previous Google Latitude and amalgamate normally with Google Maps, though it seems tucked away in an area. To share location with others, just send a call to that phone using the Google+ app. The moment the person receives it, you’ll be capable of seeing each other because of the app. It’s worth observing that your buddy does not need to share their place with you for you to post yours. Google+ still depends on the idea of grouping connections in a circle. If you see yourself hunting tons of family members and friends, it’s a simple sort your map with a circle, like your karaoke buddies. On the other hand, you can control who you share your whereabouts.


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